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Terms and Conditions

Please kindly read these terms and conditions carefully before starting to use (Mazaya) website and/or register on it, as its services will be provided in accordance with these terms.

Once you start using (Mazaya), you agree that you have read and understood these terms and conditions and you accept to be bound by them, and you agree to abide by any applicable published instructions, which may change or be updated from time to time at the discretion of (Mazaya FZE) as the owner of the website, which will be referred to later in this policy and any other policies related to the operation of its website in the name of (the Company).

The Company that owns (Mazaya) website reserves the right to change any clause or all of the terms and conditions related to it and at its absolute discretion at any time, and any changes or updates are considered effective immediately upon the occurrence of any of the following:

  • Posting the changes or the updates to its website and notifying the users of the same through it.
  • Sending a notification to the users via the e-mail, stating that there are substantial changes and / or updates to the privacy policy and/or the terms and conditions for their review and approval.

The Company that owns (Mazaya) website is not responsible for your failure to accept or review any changes and/or updates that it make to the Privacy Policy and/or Terms and Conditions after they are posted on its platform as you are exclusively responsible for reviewing these changes and/or updates periodically.

Also, your continued use of the website – whether by shopping as a visitor or by logging into your account – after making any changes and/or updates, or requesting to press on the accept button to continue, is considered as acceptance of those changes and updates.

In the event that there is any objection to any clause or condition of these terms or to any of the changes and/or updates made to them by the Company that owns (Mazaya) website at any time, you must stop immediately and not continue to use our services in all forms of use in addition to deactivating your account on the website, as continuing with this will be considered acceptance of these terms and changes.

About (Mazaya)

(Mazaya) is considered a qualitative leap and constitutes a milestone in the field of molasses manufacturing within the latest international quality standards due to its high quality that suits the needs of customers, whatever they are.

(Mazaya) also has a unique position within the global markets due to its reliance on global tobacco sources to complete the operations of the molasses industry, with its keenness to apply the highest standards of security and safety in every aspect of manufacturing, packaging and distribution of all its products, and its innovation of unique marketing methods that show the luxury of its products on the one hand and fit in an optimal way with the changes taking place in the markets on the other hand.

Intellectual Property Rights of (Mazaya) Website

(Mazaya) website is managed and operated by the Company and is fully and exclusively owned by it. Therefore, all components of this website and all intellectual property rights, whether owned by the Company or licensed to be used by any third party, include, but are not limited to: shapes, graphics, texts, clips, video, designs, patents, copyrights, secrets, trademarks, all additions and updates to this website and all that it contains in addition to all rights not expressly mentioned are therefore wholly and exclusively owned by the company or the third parties licensing their use.

Since (Mazaya) website is a website specialized in marketing tobacco and shisha products and their accessories, all the contents and components of (Mazaya) website are available for browsing and use only and exclusively for the purposes of shopping and purchasing products and not for any other purposes. Therefore, any violation and/or abuse of any of the rights mentioned and not mentioned are subject to legal accountability by their true owner.

Please refer to "Obligations to Use (Mazaya) Website" section for more information

Registration on (Mazaya) Website

The company allows its website’s clients (Mazaya) to shop and order without the need to create any account on the website. On the other hand, it allows customers who wish to register and create their own account on the website to enjoy many features that enable them to shop more professionally and easily.

Among the features that the company offers to its website’s clients (Mazaya) who wish to create their own account on the website are the following:-

• Save their data and information without having to re-enter them for every shopping process on the site.
• Store more than one shipping address, without the need to re-enter the shipping address for each shopping process on the site.
• Customize a list of favorite products for easy ordering later.
• Save, manage and re-order previous orders.
• Save payment information without having to re-enter it for every shopping process on the site.
• Save the contents of the shopping cart in case the account is logged out.
• Allocate a special wallet for the customer on the site that can be charged and used to complete purchases.

Registration on (Mazaya) website is done through a phone number, e-mail, or one of the third-party services such as (Facebook, Google, Apple), which authorize us to access, store and use your private information according to the fact that it’s an allowed service as described in our privacy policy, during the registration process, the customer will be asked to verify the personal information such as name, gender and date of birth to match his information on the official documents belonging to him such as the passport, in addition to making sure of your email and password.

After that, both the phone number will be activated by sending a text message containing an activation number or by receiving an automatic call, and an e-mail message containing the activation link.

Obligations Concerning Registration on (Mazaya) Website

In return for your registration on (Mazaya) website, you declare and abide by the following:-

- You have reached the legal age that allows you to deal with various tobacco and shisha products and their accessories.
- You are not a person who is prohibited from handling various tobacco and shisha products and their accessories
- Provide all the information required in the registration form (“Registration Data”) in a correct, accurate and complete manner and work to update it continuously.
- If you provide any incorrect, inaccurate and/or incomplete information or falsify your information for the purpose of shopping on the Company's website (Mazaya), you bear full responsibility of this information and any actions taken against you.
- You declare and agree that the Company will retain all data, information and documents submitted.
- It is prohibited to use the website in any way that violates the laws of the country in which it is operating and the laws of any country where (Mazaya) services are available.
- Be careful not to disclose account information to others as you are responsible for the confidentiality of these information and fully responsible for all the activities that occur through it.
- Notify (Mazaya) of any unauthorized use of your account, whether the password or any other uses, so it is always recommended to use a password that is difficult to access by others.
- Notify technical support of any problem occurred on the website to be resolved as soon as possible, with a commitment to the solutions provided by technical support in this regard.

Obligations to Use (Mazaya) Website

The company, as the owner of (Mazaya) website, has, at its sole and absolute discretion, the right to take all available measures and at any time it deems appropriate against any person or entity that performs any act and/or violation that may cause harm to the company, the website, or the customers, directly or indirectly. For example, but not limited to the following:

- Violation of any provision of our terms of use or privacy policy.
 Use of the technology such as viruses that could harm (Mazaya) website or the interests of other users or allow access to the database and collect content and information.
 Any act of sabotage like imposing unreasonable burden on the infrastructure of (Mazaya) website.
 Circumvention of the security tools used on the website to protect it and the information and data of users on it.
 Violating any of the rights of any other party, such as using personal information of other people to shop and register on the site without their explicit consent.
 Abuse other users and/or the website in any way.
 Infringement of the rights, property and interests of (Mazaya) website, including but not limited to copying, pasting and modification such as patent rights, copyright, secrets and trademarks, and all other intellectual property rights that include the additions and updates on the website.


Orders are made on (Mazaya) website by shopping on the website either through your own account that you created previously or by shopping as a (visitor) without the need to create an account.

After completing the shopping process by filling the cart with the selected products, moving to the order confirmation stage and completing the payment process, an email will be sent to the user with the details of the purchase.

In the case of payment by credit card, the credit card may be verified by performing a verification withdrawal process.

The company reserves the absolute right to reject and/or cancel the registration request and/or the order and/or modify its quantity through its website (Mazaya) at any time and without stating the reasons for that, and if you feel that the rejection process is incorrect, please do not hesitate to contact customer service.

Cancellation and Refund

The company always seeks to reach and maintain the satisfaction of its customers with the products it offers through its website.

In the event that the customer wishes to cancel his order, the company gives the right to do so in any of the following cases:-

1. Within (24) hours from the date of submitting the order.
2. Within a period of three days from the date of receiving the order and in accordance with the conditions mentioned in the “Disputes” clause.
Then, the company provides the client with all available methods to refund to choose from them, as it is not obligated to agree to the method requested by him to refund in the event that it was not available and/or could not be completed or adhered to as a result of any circumstances beyond its control and without mentioning the related compelling reasons.
Refund methods are:
1. Cashback to the customer at the same previous address and receiving the order by the delivery representative provided that the customer bears the fees for that.
2. E-Refund and according to the method through which the payment was made.
3. Balancing the paid amount in the user’s wallet – available if you have an account on (Mazaya) website –.

Some cases after the approval for refund may require that the order be returned to the company, and accordingly, the refund process in this case will be completed upon receipt of the order as received by the customer.

Packaging and Shipping

The company is committed to make every effort to prepare and ship all orders made through its website in a tight manner and free from any defects and to all addresses provided by the customers as soon as possible, taking into account the following:

1. The company does not promise its customers that its products will necessarily always be available, as all products offered for sale through its website are subject to availability in the company's warehouses.

2. The responsibility of the company is limited to the process of packing and packaging the orders in a tight way and free from any defects and shipping them through approved shipping companies and providing users with the relevant tracking numbers, as it is not responsible for any delay in the process of shipping orders by the shipping companies and/or any damages resulting through them.

3. The company is not responsible for the seizure of the products in the client’s country, considering them to be prohibited products from use and/or trading, and it is not responsible for any taxes and/or fees and/or any legal consequences with the concerned authorities as a result of importing these products, where it is the client's responsibility to check the laws of the country in which he lives and related to such products in terms of the permissibility of their import and/or dealing with them online.

4. All orders made inside and outside the borders of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan are shipped through Aramex.

Door-to-Door Delivery

The company offers its customers a fast and high-quality door-to-door delivery of the products ordered from its website (Mazaya) to the delivery addresses specified by them through a delivery partners.

This service is currently provided within the borders of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan only, but the company intends to contract with delivery partners worldwide to provide this service to its customers and this information will be updated on time in this policy if available.

Payment Methods

The company provides different ways to pay the value of orders on its website (Mazaya) to meet the various requirements of its customers, and in the event that any of the payment methods are approved and/or canceled, this will be updated in this policy.

The approved methods of payment at (Mazaya) website are:-

1. Cash on delivery, this is currently applicable only in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.
2. E-Wallets (Zain Cash, Orange Money ...).
3. Credit cards (Visa).
4. Credit cards (Master Card).
5. American Express.
6. PayPal.


The company is committed to its customers to the maximum extent possible to secure its products in a tight manner and free from any damages and/or defects, and in the event that the received shipment has been damaged and it turns out that this damage was caused before the shipping process by the company, the company is obligated to replace or return the value of this shipment.

The forms of defects may be occurred to the products before the shipping are:

1. Defects resulting from improper manufacturing.
2. Defects resulting from improper storage.
3. Product specifications do not match those stated on the website.

Upon receiving the shipment and found that it has suffered from one or more of the aforementioned defects, the following has to be done:

1. Keep the shipment as received without tampering with and/or using it in any way.
2. Submit a request on the website (Dispute) and attach clear photos of the shipment and products to be reviewed by the concerned department, and choose to either replace the shipment with a new one or return its value.
3. In the event that the resulting damage has been caused by the company, the customer is requested to resend the shipment as received.
4. Once the company receives the shipment and its contents are ascertained, the customer's request for refund shall be approved.
Despite what was mentioned above, the company is not obligated to comply with the customer's request (exchange or refund) if it is not available and/or cannot and/or is not allowed to be adhered to as a result of any circumstances beyond its control and without stating the reasons for that.


You agree and undertake as a user and customer of (Mazaya) website to defend the company as the owner of the website and to provide the necessary protection against any claim or damage by any third party as a result of your violation of any provision of the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and/or any other policy related to (Mazaya) website.

You also agree and undertake, as a user and customer of (Mazaya) website, to pay the necessary compensation to the company for claims and/or damages incurred by any third party as a result of any of these violations.


In the event that one of the provisions of these Terms of Use and/or the Privacy Policy and/or any of the other policies of the (Mazaya) website is not applicable to some extent, it will be applicable to the fullest extent permitted by law and does not affect the application of any other terms of these policies.

Website Content Availability

The Company does not guarantee continuous access to (Mazaya) website as a result of any circumstances, causes, events or other matters beyond its reasonable control, such as internet interruption or instability for the user.

The company has the absolute right to stop the service or the website from working for indefinite periods and without the need to notify the users of this to make any modification, update or maintenance on the website or its servers,
It is also not responsible for any damages that may be occurred to users as a result of these circumstances and/or suspension of work. However, the company is ready to receive any comments regarding any problem has been occurred to its customers and take the necessary steps to solve it (if possible).

Protection of Data and Information

All data and information collected from customers by (Mazaya) website such as name, email and phone number are protected by technical means and reasonable security measures for the purpose of preventing unauthorized access or use.

Disclosure of Data and Information

The company reserves the right to access and disclose any information belonging to its registered customers it deems necessary or appropriate, including but not limited to, account data, contact information, usage history in order to cooperate with the competent authorities to protect them from any misuse and/or violation and/ Or otherwise, in order to maintain the level of services provided.


The company provides a translation of these Terms of Use into Arabic for ease of viewing only, and in the event there is any conflict between the English version and its Arabic translation, the English version is the approved version and the main reference that governs the terms of your relationship with (Mazaya) website.

Applicable Law

The Privacy Policy, Terms of Use and any other policies related to (Mazaya) website, in addition to all transactions conducted through it, are subject to the laws of the United Arab Emirates.


All rights reserved to (Mazaya FZE)